Big Multimedia Brands Embrace Blockchain | Conglomerates Eye NFTs and Metaverse

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More multimedia conglomerates embrace the crypto world. Hulu seeks candidates with metaverse and NFT backgrounds. Disney eyes augmented reality.


Hulu targets “the streamers of tomorrow”

Hulu is looking for help breaking into crypto, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse to target “the streamers of tomorrow,” according to a new job posting.

The streaming platform’s Jan. 14 job listing signaled the company’s interest in crypto tech.

Hulu is hiring a “culture trend marketing manager” to help the company “break through into other spaces outside of streaming,” with a background in “metaverse and/or crypto and NFT platforms” a plus, according to the listing.

The company cited how younger demographics are consuming content in less traditional ways, identifying crypto and the metaverse as an emerging market.

Disney eyes the metaverse and NFTs

Hulu’s parent company, Disney, is eyeing the metaverse in a similar way – in a recent job posting, the company identified NFTs and augmented reality as key emerging tech trends to watch.

Disney’s foray into crypto began in November when it launched its “Golden Moments” NFT collections, which featured Intellectual property from its Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars titles sold on VeVe, a marketplace built on the Gochain blockchain.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, told CNBC in November about his vision “to use Disney+ as the platform for the metaverse.”

Disney’s crypto-adjacent plans extend beyond NFT drops. The multimedia conglomerate’s interest in NFTs could also be expanding to its physical park locations, based on another recent job posting from Disney Parks, Products and Experiences seeking help to “lead Disney’s efforts in the NFT space.”

Hulu did not respond for comment by the time of publication.

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