Exclusive Community Benefits of a Good NFT Collection: Example & Explanation

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Certain NFT collections become so valuable because of the community created around them along with the exclusive benefits offered for holders. Unique NFT collections that offer holders interesting or rare utilities and benefits can gain a ton of traction. The Gay Aliens Society NFT drop is an example of such a collection. 

What makes a good NFT collection?

Here are some key factors that determine the success of an NFT drop or collection:

  • The social influences of the creator(s)
  • The team of people invested in and excited about the project
  • Celebrity interest
  • Perception of the buyer and the potential future value of the collection
  • Unique (and sometimes rare) benefits offered to holders

Gay Aliens Society NFT collection example 

The Gay Aliens Society, a collection of 10,000 individualized NFTs (non-fungible tokens) designed and individualized by celebrity artist Tima Marso, is a unique collection that offers NFT holders utilities and benefits that may revolutionize the metaverse. The artist was born August 6, 1991, in Strezhevoy, Russia, and is strongly connected to the global art community. Marso has a multidisciplinary portfolio that includes varied art pieces, with everything from modeling to oil painting to digital art and music.

According to Marso, “NFTs are all about creating communities.” One such community, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example, is a multi-million dollar grossing NFT collection with live world benefits.

Gay Aliens Society and Archstone Entertainment  (a respected Hollywood, California, TV and movie production and distribution company) have formed a partenrship to create and distribute Gay Aliens in Metaverse, a TV show that will feature a cast of Gay Aliens from the NFT.

Gay Aliens in Metaverse is an adult-themed situation comedy, described by the founder of the project, Tima Marso, as “Adult Swim x Sex in the City.”  This exciting television series will be distributed by Archstone Entertainment on traditional TV cable and streaming networks. A version of the series will be aired in the Gay Aliens Society Metaverse on the Decentraland platform.

Part of the excitement surrounding the Gay Aliens Society community is the development of their own metaverse on the Decentraland platfom. Gay Aliens has six parcels of AR land, called an “estate”, on the Decentraland platform. Gay Aliens Society NFT project will own the land, and it will feature a theater, nightclub, sushi bar, art gallery, beach club, and event space. The different AR venues will only be accessible to people who own a Gay Aliens avatar or who own one that has formed a temporary collaboration with Gay Aliens.

Once owners of the Gay Aliens NFTs register their alien in the project’s Discord site, they will be able to be chosen as characters in the television series. Those who are chosen sign a licensing agreement with Gay Aliens in order to allow their avatar to become a character in the show for a set time period. The NFT owner is paid a flat-fee based on what role the character has and how much screen time he or she gets. Most owners want their NFTs to have starring roles, or at least recurring roles, in order to garner the most licensing fees. All NFT owners can register their avatars to participate in the show as an extra so that all NFTs in the Gay Aliens Society project get the chance to participate in the show in some way. The community of Gay Aliens has pleny of celebrity interest, evident by their social media profiles. Seen on Instagram here. The collection can be seen below.

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/gay-aliens-society-gen-1

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