Johnny Depp’s Crypto Netflix Investment Ta Ta Tu Crashes 90% Amid Amber Heard Trial

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Johnny Depp crypto

Johnny Depp is an investor in a cryptocurrency platform that went nowhere. If he bought the coin before September 2018, he has lost at least 90% – but maybe way way more. His legal fees are obviously very high right now, and he missed revenue from recent movies that didn’t work out well for him. 

Johnny Depp invested in cryptocurrency platform, Ta Ta Tu, a platform that “used blockchain as a fundraising technique and then moved on.”

Ta Ta Tu coin went kaput after a flurry of buying activity in 2018. It appears that its merits were lacking in any solid plan for longevity. A sensible plan is crucial for a long “healthy” life of any cryptocurrency. But not all crypto projects follow this approach.

All too often, buzz is generated, people rush in throwing their dollars at the coin, and then the whole thing implodes.

Imploding things seem to be hovering around Depp in the last few years. Ouch.

Is this a lesson to just not buy crypto unless one knows the project is solid?

Or is this a lesson to just not get married until one knows their beloved really really well? Perhaps waiting to marry would have prevented having to duke it out in court after the marriage didn’t work out well.

Or is it a lesson for both?

What do you think?