NFT Vending Machine Example & Minting Benefits for Investors & Community

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NFTs play a big role in the digital world as creators and investors plunge in head first to this sector of cryptocurrencies. But one NFT program stands out from the competition and provides attractive benefits to holders and the community.


NFT market growth & uses example

Talk of NFTs may be filling board rooms and news feeds, but their complex and new nature makes it hard for investors to determine which projects show promise.

NFTs are more than famous artworks, songs and tweets — they serve as part of the broader decentralization movement. From copyright enforcement to buying real estate and identity verification, NFTs play a big role in the digital world. In the first half of 2021, the NFT market cap grew 2,100%, reaching $2.5 billion in sales volume. Meanwhile, the creator economy boom has opened more doors for NFTs, as people don’t have to go through aggregators or intermediaries to create a token.

Vending Machines NFT is one such program standing out from a deep red ocean of competitors.

Our goal is to shift the narrative in the NFT sector from just a profile picture and toward useful utilities,” says founder Aziz.

We provide minting rewards, secondary sales distributions, free NFT Airdrops, unique collaborations with our holders, and best of all, their own land in the metaverse.

Vending Machines NFT has a lot of great ideas and plans to keep rewarding investors. This community will collaborate on numerous projects, generating consistent income from the limitless possibilities provided by blockchain technology.

NFT Collections should exist to benefit their holders, not just the creators. This is a genuine project with the sole goal of rewarding its community,” Aziz added.

The project team will drop 4,444 NFTs and has officially minted over 3,000. Each NFT is unique and will bring incredible utility to VMN holders. You can view the collection ahead of its release here.

Vending machines NFT (VMN) benefits

Vending Machine NFTs have been introduced on the Avalanche network, which provides fast block time, cheap gas fees and eco-friendly resource implementation. Avalanche is designed to be faster and cheaper to use than Ethereum, processing more transactions per second at a lower cost. According to Ava Labs, Avalanche can process over 4,500 transactions per second, while Ethereum can support roughly 13 transactions per second.

Investors gain rewards and utilities the moment they mint a VMN token. A ten percent share from every mint gets evenly distributed between the current VMN holders, and 50 percent of the royalties collected from secondary sales are also distributed. Investors can easily claim this in VMN’s own marketplace.

The earlier you start minting, the more benefits you will get as time goes on, and you will receive more rewards if you have more tokens. The same applies to secondary sales rewards.

Vending Machines NFT provides another benefit to its investors. 30 percent from mint sales will be utilized to build their own Metaverse on the Avalanche blockchain.

Only a few projects are giving back in a big way to the community. With the Metaverse as our ultimate goal, it creates a lot of opportunities for our investors,” says founder Aziz.

VMN holders will own lands in this metaverse, and will have priority access to all future NFT items that will be created for the metaverse.

Looking ahead

Set for a spectacular 2022, Vending Machine NFT has some thrilling developments in store for its members.

Our solid release plans will revolutionize the Web3 sector, and we are pleased to keep providing valuable utilities to those who support our project.

You can communicate with their project team via Twitter, Discord and Instagram.

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