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An increasing number of big organizations embrace the NFT & metaverse industry each year. In this booming crypto industry, Cool Ape Planet seeks to set a new benchmark in the NFT space by offering a feature-rich ultra-unique NFT collection. 

cool app planet nft investment opportunity


NFTs have taken the world by storm as the blockchain industry has grabbed mainstream attention. According to a recent Forbes article, giant conglomerates have actively entered or are ready to enter the NFT industry. 


Cool Ape Planet NFT drop

Tons of NFTs have been introduced in the market but a brand new innovative concept, Cool Ape Planet NFT, will set a new benchmark in the NFT industry and the Metaverse.

Cool Ape Planet is here to rock the NFT industry like never before.

The collection consists of 9,999 ultra-unique digital collectibles, astonishing, and jaw-dropping NFTs that are introduced for the next entrepreneurial generation of the blockchain industry, offering hundreds of unique features and possible traits, such as clothing, headwear, accessories, and expressions.

The safest ERC-721 Ethereum blockchain is used to ensure credibility and security.

A tremendously well-thought roadmap, including the Metaverse integration phase, is created by the industry experts to ensure that stakeholders move smoothly towards success.

This project is uniquely created and curated artwork aiming not just to sell but sell with a purpose. It is highly committed to working in favor of creators, buyers, and the community, making it easier for enthusiasts to participate in the NFT evolving universe.

The team has set some amazing rewards and lifetime earnings for its community members and holders.


Cap Token launch

Cool Ape Planet team is all set to launch its very own CAP token with the locked liquidity. All the holders of Cool Ape Planet NFTs will be rewarded 10 tokens for each NFT every day. The CAP token will soon be listed on CMC and CoinGecko post-launch. So get ready to enjoy the increased floor pricing due to cross-selling initiative between NFT and CAP Token.

Additionally, a reward pool of USD 200,000 is set aside exclusively for its community members.

Joining the Cool Ape Planet Club means joining a family full of NFT entrepreneurs’ mindsets, investors, and an enthusiastic community with a strong belief in the crypto industry.

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