Digital Marketing Strategies & Software Platform for Crypto Projects, ICOs, NFTs & Small Businesses

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We know that building or scaling a business can feel overwhelming. We can help.

You’re about to discover a suite of software that can streamline and simplify your business or crypto project, a way to propel you forward while escaping many of the costs and headaches that plague most businesses and even prevent some from ever launching in the first place.

We believe in integrity. And we believe in insightful companies that make sensible products and services that actually make your business and personal life easier. 

This article is for both cryptocurrency companies and non-crypto companies or individuals looking for various business tools, software and platforms to launch or scale a business or project. 

Most individuals or businesses need similar tools; some just need more tools at any one time. 

Covered in this article:

  • The software tools most businesses need to launch and thrive
  • The software conundrum
  • A solution to the conundrum
  • How software automation can grow your business
  • Web3 site vs traditional Web2 sites
  • How each different software app can take your project to the next level

Don’t have time to read an in-depth run-through on how the platform we recommend,, can help your start or scale your business? We totally get it…everyone is busy these days.

If you’d rather see an informative 20 minute demo video (no opt-in needed!) of how an 8-figure company runs their entire business on from the CEO himself, or to attend an additional webinar to learn even more (the webinar requires email opt-in) you can access both options on their page here.

Website & Marketing tools to promote your crypto project or small business

One can leverage the same tools for most types of business ventures and projects. Whether you’re in the cryptocurrency space or not, you can definitely benefit from the suite of tools covered in this article.

You may be looking for ways to increase exposure and engagement for your crypto coin project or general online business. Perhaps you want to:

  • Have a modern looking website
  • Automate your customer engagement and sales system
  • Create and offer a course
  • Find a cool metaverse website template
  • Print NFTs on various physical products like mugs or clothing
  • Build a print-on-demand store
  • Add a sales funnel with order bumps to increase revenue for your brick and mortar store
  • Find a work-at-home type of business that allows you to fire your boss

Software solutions for well-funded companies

Money loves speed. If your company has substantial funding or revenue coming in, you need speed more than anything. And one of the things that boosts progress is efficient, modern, feature-rich, integrated tools that work seamlessly together to save you time and headaches. 

You need powerful tools that allow you to automate any part or your business that you can. 

Software solutions for non-funded companies

If you have a small business that’s slowly growing but not yet raking in piles of cash, you also need speed and efficiency to increase your output, scale what’s working, stop focusing on what’s not working, and perhaps launch new products or services that leverage what you already built. 

Some ideas to consider: Adding a course, email collection, sales funnels, etc. to your business. And most important, automate what you can. Use tools that enable automation so you can free yourself from so much manual tasks and focus on the “higher level” tasks that will move the needle the most. 

If you don’t have piles of revenue coming in, you need to be mindful of unnecessary spending and streamlining where you can.

Software solutions for beginners

If you are just starting out, you need to avoid the high combined costs of online business software that may be out of your budget, not only to start or maintain your business—but even just to survive. You need to leverage all the resources you can get for free or cheap.

Tip: Try not to limit your online footprint to only a website and social media while avoiding other ways to leverage your content, products or services.

Illustration of website under construction with crane.

Software that just about every business needs to be successful

Tell me if you can relate: You know you need more than just a proper website to start or take your business to the next level so you can finally reach your financial goals. You know that in this day and age, even traditional brick and mortar businesses should have an online presence and utilize various tools to get exposure and make more sales.

But you regularly come close to losing your mind comparing all the options, features, costs, reviews and opinions. You feel reluctant to go down the wrong path. 

We used to feel this way too.

So many choices. So many costs. Lots of headaches. Does it look good, and is it easy to use? Is there support? And praying you can duct tape all the different tools and platforms together so they talk nicely to each other… [emoji with the eyes up or a slide of stressed dude]

This is the exact situation that keeps people out of business, drives people mad, or adds up to hefty monthly bills and unnecessary tech confusion for those that took the plunge.

These challenges apply to both well-funded companies and individuals just getting started.

Consider the common tools and services one can leverage to start or take their project or business to the next level and way beyond:

  • A website and/or a blog 
  • A landing page builder
  • A sales funnel builder
  • Shopping cart software 
  • An online store
  • Membership site for courses or tutorials
  • Email collection and autoresponder
  • Have an affiliate program to help spread the word about your products or services
  • …and more

And not to mention the ability to sell products in just one click or use upsells, downsells and order bumps to maximize sales. And how about collecting and managing leads and automating your marketing, engagement, and sales process? Or maybe you want to sell your content, course, or training. 

Most companies (including crypto projects) should plan on utilizing several of the methods above to gain traction. But investing thousands of dollars a month into a bunch of complicated tools and possibly employees to manage the different systems isn’t a good idea unless you have a big enough business.

Any minimum amount of research will tell you that most of these products are expensive, complicated and limited in customization. In other words, not very user-friendly, and definitely not suitable for all business owners, especially those who are less tech-savvy and are on a tight budget.

All the different tools on the market have their own pros and cons, but they often share a common issue: their business model is to get you started free and then upsell you on the essential tools and services you’ll need in order to take control of your finances and have a path to freedom. 

These companies have to survive too, so charging money for their services isn’t the issue. The issue is that many of them lure you in or even trick you with big promises but don’t give you enough to build and launch without needing the upsells.

We think that a free version of a tool or platform should be robust enough to get going and build, and when it’s time to scale, one can switch to an upgraded plan to grow while using the tools they are now familiar with. 

We believe in companies that have the expertise required to build the absolute best products and services that truly deliver and even exceed expectations.

And this is why we feel good about recommending

What is and how can it help you market your crypto project or business? is a suite of advanced but user-friendly software that empowers entrepreneurs with the efficiency of one seamless ecosystem of digital marketing solutions under one roof. The suite of online business tools are designed for business owners but without the complexity and expensive price tag of buying each tool from a separate company. (regularly just called “Groove”) gives you one integrated platform of 19 apps that handles your sites, marketing, and sales. It is your customer relationship management system (CRM). Many businesses or individuals will be able to run all or most of their online business using just Groove.

Image of the apps the come in the platform vs leading competitors

The platform enables you to: 

  • Design branded websites with full menu navigation
  • Create landing pages and sales funnels
  • Make custom order forms and shopping carts
  • Create 1-click upsells, one-time-offers, downsells and order bumps 
  • Build and host online membership sites for tutorials or courses
  • Make your physical and digital products affiliate friendly with the provided affiliate management portal
  • Have private video hosting
  • Boost your SEO with an easily optimized blog or website
  • Automate your email marketing to build an email list
  • Make lead generating quizzes and surveys
  • Create and host live and automated webinars 
  • Have unlimited eCommerce stores with advanced features

To visit their website to learn more or to grab a FREE account and take it for a run yourself, go to their page here.

The free tier plan sets you up with a robust variety of software tools you can use for no charge. Not a trial, not a super limited version, but just a nice solid set of tools, completely free. If you ever outgrow your free account or want to scale your business in big ways, they offer an affordable monthly upgrade that supercharges your account.

The free base plan has more than enough apps and features for you to start and grow an online business. Groove also provides tons and tons of ongoing free training and tutorials.

This is especially helpful for those with little to no technical knowledge, because the entire suite of tools are simple enough to use that even computer illiterate folks can copy and paste, drag and drop and click and scroll their way to creating professional-looking websites with sales funnels capable of taking online orders.

Easy-to-use WYSIWYG webpage editing capabilities

We love this platform gives you modern, advanced tools coded for speed yet all through a simple “front end” what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) drag and drop page editor. For example, consider that building on WordPress websites requires buying an extra theme in order to have that easy front-end building experience that gives you right out of the box.

The founders’ vision for the Groove platform

If you are new to online business you may not yet recognize how good this platform is. But if you have experience with different types of business software tools such as website builders, funnel builders, eCom store platforms, shopping carts and order bump options, and so on, you will recognize how much value Groove provides. 

No software does every single thing one might need in their business, but for most people, this platform will offer 90% of what they need for life in their biz. 

That’s why we encourage grabbing a free account and checking it out to see if it’s right for you.

Having 1 online Sales and Automation Platform that replaces 19 (and counting) other individual platforms that could cost you over $2000 every single month sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

It’s not a bad idea to have a bit of skepticism in this world… we were skeptical too when we first learned of it over a year ago.

But once we discovered the solid reputation and expertise of who was behind it, we signed up for a free account. Once inside we quickly recognized the platform delivered on its promise.

After seeing exponential growth since opening beta to the public over a year ago, now has more than 470,000 users. 

The founders of know this industry, and the CEO, Mike Filsaime, was responsible for a number of well known big name software platforms such as WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra, and more.

Image of the founders of the platform

The founders realize the common technical and financial barriers that prevent most people from having great websites, funnels, and the rest, and know which features and abilities in software make a big difference for the success of their users.

When observing the CEO do training or demos, his eagerness to make the platform the best there is definitely shows. He is always voicing little tweaks he wants to see in future updates that will maximize engagement and sales, noting conversion points, workflow, appearance and speed, SEO, and so on based on his decades of marketing experience.

He sees it from both a user ability standpoint as well as knowing what a business needs to launch, sustain, and scale.

We also appreciate how they offer a massive e-learning library for no extra cost.

We’ll elaborate on the individual tools and services that come with the software platform shortly, but first, let’s dig into some various things that can benefit both crypto and non-crypto businesses. 

Although we highlight some crypto-specific uses and scenarios, any type of business would do well to leverage the same tools and practices, so this applies to most businesses. 

Let’s start with automation.

Benefits of software automation

With software, you can:

  • Deliver the right messages at the right time to increase conversions
  • Send emails based on actions, such as sign-ups, or video views
  • Automatically collect payments and deliver digital products or ship physical products
  • Drip content, gate content, and even offer free or paid levels of access to content
  • And so much more

The possibilities are endless when it comes to automation. Once you’ve created your process and tested things out, you can focus on growing your business while the software does the heavy lifting. 

It’s like having a sales and marketing team working for you 24/7. Groove gives you tons of automation power.

Best marketing platform for crypto & NFT projects?

Crypto projects need speed. Efficiency matters in business, and automation is required. Integrated, capable software tools that play nicely with each other gives you an edge here. The suite of Groove apps provides this for you.  

Image of a rocket with the Bitcoin logo on it.

Please note that is NOT built on a blockchain, so any specific online space you need that lives on a blockchain must be built elsewhere. However, as a crypto project, in addition to blockchain project management software and tools that you may or may not be building yourself, you will also need “normal” software tools for things like your website or automated sales system that takes place off of the blockchain. 

Web3 domains vs traditional Web2 sites

What about the website? Should it be a Web3 site? The answer is probably not, at least not right now. Whether your specific needs require a Web3 site, a Web2 site, or both, the main point of mentioning GroovePages (Groove’s website and page builder) is that your business needs more than just a website. 

Having a “normal” Web2 site makes sense for most crypto projects, and will be accessible to all users, which is important. Web3 still has considerable limitations. 

According to Moralis Academy:

“Web3 evolution is still in its infancy, it is not yet possible to open your Web3 website directly using traditional browsers.”

“Web3 domains are seamlessly integrable with traditional Web2 websites with a variety of options available.”

Providing a link on your traditional Web2 site or landing pages to your Web3 site is a great method of use for all typical marketing situations.

According to Web3 has some limitations right now:

Scalability – transactions are slower on web3 because they’re decentralized. Changes to state, like a payment, need to be processed by a miner and propagated throughout the network.

UX – interacting with web3 applications can require extra steps, software, and education. This can be a hurdle to adoption.

Accessibility – the lack of integration in modern web browsers makes web3 less accessible to most users.

Cost – most successful dapps put very small portions of their code on the blockchain as it’s expensive.

Pioneers of cryptocurrency website design had to hire web developers who had to build custom functionalities and develop something that never existed before. 

2 Tips:

  1. Perhaps keep it simple and don’t bog yourself down with unnecessary tech that may be nice to have but is likely not required nor will even be appreciated by anyone other than fellow crypto and Web3 programmers. 
  2. Use only the Web3 services that you actually need, and link the applicable ones to your Web2 assets or web properties for maximum leverage and flexibility. 

An explanation of each tool & some popular strategies to grow your project 

Now let’s run through an elaboration of the various tools and services that come with the platform. You can use any of these tools to help your crypto marketing campaigns or get your small business to the next level. 

For your marketing strategy, in addition to using social media platforms for exposure and engagement, you can also utilize the suite of Groove apps in a ton of ways. We break down several proven marketing methods businesses have been using for years along with some specific ways that cryptocurrency-related projects or individuals can leverage the various tools and strategies.

GroovePages – website, landing page & sales funnel builder

GroovePages (and GrooveFunnels) is a drag and drop website, page and funnel builder that uses advanced technology in the backend so you can make drag-and-drop pages that load super fast. It is jam packed with features allowing you to pretty much create any kind of website you want just by clicking and dragging different elements onto the page from the provided library. You can build branded websites, sales pages, or product funnels.

The software also uses a progressive JavaScript framework called VUE.JS that loads pages quicker as every action on the page happens within the browser. This actually places GroovePages in a class of its own as far as modern speedy websites and pages go.

Google favors fast loading websites because their goal is to INSTANTLY show users what they’re searching for so they keep using Google as their search engine.

Examples of the different webpage designs one can build with GroovePages.

GroovePages Features: 

  • Drag-And-Drop Editor: This feature allows you to edit any page of your website or sales funnel quickly and hassle-free. 
  • Landing Pages & Sales Funnels: Allows you to create sales funnels and landing pages.
  • Website Editor: Enables you to build any funnel, landing page, and design a complete website with full navigations using a front end WYSIWYG editor.
  • Wireframe Blocks: Help you to plan websites or pages before designing.
  • Pre-Designed Blocks: These professionally designed blocks and elements make work easier for you, especially if you are a non-designer who wants to quickly build websites or landing pages. They will save you lots of time and help you make great looking pages.
  • Upsells & Order Bumps: These help increase the average amount of money people spend with you when they order a product.
  • Downsells: A step you can enable in the checkout process that offers a less expensive product after they have already declined your primary product or a prior upsell.
  • Pop-ups: Create pop-ups and customize them to appear when someone clicks a button, scrolls a page, or exits a page.
  • Progress Bars: Great for making your audience feel like making progress on your website.
  • Countdown Timers: Encourages your audience to purchase your product before the discount you might offer expires.
  • Device-Based Customizations: Buttons inside the backend builder to quickly customize how your sales funnel or website will appear on different devices.
  • Free Hosting & Bandwidth: GroovePages also comes with free hosting for your funnels, landing pages and website. A big plus.
  • Embed Videos: You can embed Vimeo and YouTube videos by simply dragging and dropping into the page editor.
  • Tracking Tools: Allows you to integrate Google Analytics tools to your web page for detailed analytics data that can help you and your team to make better business decisions.
  • SEO Friendly: GroovePages allows on-page optimization, which adds keywords to your content to boost organic traffic from visitors.
  • Email Marketing Integration: Allows you to integrate with other best email marketing solutions such as GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. 
3 example images of editing different parts of a website using GroovePages.

Ways to leverage a website or landing pages: 

  • Enroll subscribers to your newsletter 
  • Drive traffic from paid Ads 
  • Promote a product launch
    Advertise products and services 
  • Register webinar participants 
  • Offer a discount code
    Capture emails for a lead magnet 
  • Create thank-you pages 

It goes without saying that all businesses should have a website, but many businesses don’t leverage many of the options listed above or add a funnel to their business or even know how to use one.  

Whether you are an individual, a small or big business, or a cryptocurrency company, you can do a ton of things with GroovePages. It is a fast and easy to use website and funnel builder. It will be easy for you to quickly build professional websites, pages, and funnels.

To get GroovePages + the entire suite of apps you can grab a FREE account by going here.

GroovePages is mobile friendly

Having a modern mobile-friendly website is very easy to do with GroovePages. You just click a button right in the builder and see how your site looks on phones or tablets so you can make adjustments on the fly so your site looks the way you want on each device size.

Screenshot of the buttons at top of page editor to select different devices for proper layout.
Apply the layout to all devices or only select devices

Cryptocurrency website template and design

For your Web2 site, you can learn how to quickly design or assemble a custom site for your project with GroovePages. 

If there’s a particular layout, look and feel you like on an existing site, chances are you will be able to model that. Don’t copy it, but use it as inspiration to create your own slick looking custom site due to the amount of functionality you get with this platform.

An illustration of people assembling a website layout.

A note on website templates: Templates are great for inspiration or to start with a base structure. And although you get more website templates to use with a paid version of, we prefer never to use a template as your finished site because you may not stand out as unique. 

It’s easy to drag and drop and re-size and color various sections and elements of your site pages with GroovePages. While doing this you can also save your own designed blocks and configurations to use as templates and drop-ins for other pages on your site or sites you may want to build. 

Metaverse website template and design

Same goes here as above. It’s good to research what top companies in a niche or industry do for their web properties. Use them as inspiration to decide on the look and feel of your website for your metaverse projects or products. We are still talking about Web2 sites here since is not built on the blockchain. 

NFT project website builder

Even though you will be selling actual NFTs on dedicated software platforms specifically made for that, your operation still needs a normal Web2 website to engage fans and backers in your project and collections. 

There’s a ton of ways to combine a website with marketing automation software to generate revenue and exposure for your NFT project. As we run through specific apps below, take a moment to especially read the ideas and options using GrooveKart eCommerce store software for your NFT business. 

GroovePages is well equipped to be your cryptocurrency website builder for Web2 sites. 

GroovePages websites vs websites

How does GroovePages compare to WordPress? Most people compare their website builder to WordPress so we provided a synopsis for you here. 

Consider: With GroovePages you can easily model most popular looking website template designs along with funnel pages. You get front end building, otherwise known as “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) as you are building with their drag-and-drop builder. 

The builder gives you a ton of website options and functionality that would normally require buying extra add-ons. It’s impressive.

Also worth noting is that when building a site on the base WordPress builder and most other site builders, in order to have an attractive site with the essential functionality a serious business requires, you’ll need a theme, some plugins and other tools, hosting, an SSL, etc. 

While these things are not bad per se, they are more things to learn, manage and pay for. 

Groove gives you modern looking features right out of the box, so a separate theme is not required like you would definitely need with WordPress.

GrooveFunnels – sales funnel building software

You can think of GrooveFunnels as an extension of GroovePages but with a focus on creating pages in a funnel sequence vs an actual website or random static pages on a website. 

By the way, when first launched they used the name GrooveFunnels, and then rebranded as the platform evolved into an entire website, marketing, sales, and automation platform way beyond just being limited to a funnel building tool.

Illustration of list of key benefits that GroveFunnels provides.

GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels

Many entrepreneurs use ClickFunnels as their funnel building tool, one because it has been around longer and is well known, and two, because many people already have their funnels built out on CF and don’t mind paying monthly for the convenience of leaving it intact. 

The point of bringing up ClickFunnels here isn’t to do a detailed comparison but to inform you of the main competitor to GrooveFunnels and to say that if you use the Groove platform then you won’t need a separate funnel building software because you can build out great looking, feature-rich funnel flow pages using GrooveFunnels.

We think it’s awesome that gives you a powerful funnel building tool for no extra cost that is on par with the competition. Many people consider GrooveFunnels to be better and offer more advanced features than ClickFunnels. We have nothing against ClickFunnels at all but it will cost you an extra $97/mo or $297/mo.

To conclude, all the lists of features we mentioned in the GroovePages run-through apply to GrooveFunnels so no need to waste your time repeating the same list here.

GrooveBlog – blogging and content management

Blogging is great for content marketing and organic reach because it gives you plenty of opportunities to rank and get traffic for a variety of keywords and sub-topics within your niche or industry. 

Offering your target audience useful and relevant content will tell search engines your content provides value to people, and this will boost your rankings. Overall, blogging helps with SEO. If you only have a small static website then there’s too little content for search engines to do much with. Having a blog going where you add new content regularly will be what generates the leads or exposure you want.

Screenshot of GrooveBlog highlights and backend builder.

When using GrooveBlog you can have your blog stand alone or integrate it into your main or “static” website which helps build the domain authority for your main site. You can also opt to only use a blog as your main site instead of adding a blog to the main site. 

It all depends on your specific needs. The good news is that you have options, and that you don’t need to buy extra software just to have a blog. This is a benefit of having multiple software tools and services on the same platform. You use what’s needed and if you want to scale or expand then you already have integrated software options ready to go.

Ways to use a blog: 

  • Explore a hobby or a passion 
  • Share information
  • In-page advertising 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Establish industry expertise 
  • Become a thought leader 
  • Generate leads 
  • Post articles about your latest offerings
  • Share the latest developments of your crypto project
  • Post about goals on your project roadmap that have been met
  • Provide news about your company to your audience
  • Educate people about your industry

GrooveKart – professional eCommerce store platform 

Ecommerce is a multi-trillion dollar industry and a popular business model for online entrepreneurs who are looking to create passive income streams. The possibilities are almost endless for cryptocurrency companies, stay-at-home individuals, or any general business looking to leverage their own digital store.

We’re especially excited about how many ways an individual or company in the cryptocurrency space can benefit from utilizing GrooveKart. Not that having an online store is any less important or beneficial for those businesses outside of the crypto sector, but incorporating an eCommerce store into a crypto project is often overlooked so we wanted to highlight the benefits of GrooveKart here.

Mockup of GrooveKart backend builder and templates on various digital devices.

Crypto-focused or not, there’s no need to invest money buying products in bulk, rent a warehouse or hire a company to store products and fulfill orders. 

The costs and management involved in having an online shopping store for physical products used to be overwhelming for most people, but these days setting up an online shop is pretty easy, and definitely affordable. 

You can do it for free using GrooveKart!

So, whether you’re looking for a built-for-you-store or want to start a drop-shipping enterprise, you can sell products to consumers with a GrooveKart store. You have access to thousands of products to sell, plus print-on-demand designs that already exist, or you make your own in a variety of ways.

You get a robust powerful platform with FTC Guardian compliance and important features like: 

  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • One-page checkout
  • One-click upsells
  • Multi-currency support
  • Social media integration
  • Cart abandonment capabilities
  • Built-in support desk
  • Fast page-loading time
  • Print on demand services built-in
  • Professional printing & fulfillment
  • 450 pre-made blocks…just drag and drop
  • …and lots more

The stores are designed for both mobile and desktop devices and allow store owners to utilize upsells, downsells, and order bumps to increase the average cart value during checkout. 

You also have the ability to create customized product landing pages separate from the store itself. That way you have specific pages meant to drive traffic to your actual store. GrooveKart provides all the tools to accomplish this. 

Print on demand and dropshipping capabilities are built into the platform, along with over 300 pre-made designs, making it as user-friendly as possible. You get tons of flexibility to customize your store and product pages to max out conversions. You are not stuck using a run-of-the-mill theme.

Illustration of adding pre-made blocks to build the look of the store or page.

And there’s no need to pay for expensive 3rd party apps like you would if using Shopify, GrooveKart’s main competition! You get native apps built in for free!

You have a choice of payment gateways as well. Connect to PayPal, Stripe, GroovePay™, without any extra fees from GrooveKart.

Grab your FREE GrooveKart account here.

Ways to use an eCommerce store for any business: 

  • Branded merchandise 
  • Dropshipping 
  • Print-on-demand products
  • Single-item store 
  • Online retailer 
  • Wholesaling 
  • White labeling 
  • In-house manufacturing 
  • Brand merchandise for brick and mortar stores

Ways to use an eCommerce store for crypto or NFT project merchandise

Engage fans and generate revenue by leveraging brand merchandise for your crypto coin or NFT project on a GrooveKart store that’s integrated with your website the rest of your online tools.

Sell physical items of your digital designs like gaming assets, fashion items, brand merchandise, or anything you sell digitally that can be printed (or sourced), and sold on autopilot via an eCommerce platform.

Picture of POD fashion items on 2 computer screens on a desk.

Benefits of POD for crypto companies

We like the print on demand (POD) options due to the passive nature of it compared to finding someone to manufacture physical items for your brand. POD items are made when an order is placed, and POD companies integrated with your store handle the printing and shipping and whatnot. 

We prefer the POD model and usually consider it to be better for leveraging the benefits of automation, but your eCommerce store can sell any item for the most part so the sky is the limit. Most of it will be automated regardless, but the POD route is often less work to set up overall.

NFT print on demand merchandise software

Although GrooveKart does not sell actual NFTs, it can be your NFT printing service for print on demand merchandise or other physical items that represent the actual NFTs on the blockchain. 

Consider: Use POD to offer branded merchandise for fans, supporters, and special holders of rare or specific NFTs. Print NFTs as images on canvases, mugs, shirts, shoes, and other clothing and accessories. 

NFT merchandise is a great way for NFT projects to generate revenue and engage with fans by distributing or selling merchandise, special collectibles or bonus products for investors or adopters of your project or technology.

Metaverse print on demand merchandise software

This is similar to NFT merchandise because much of what lives in the metaverse is in the form of an NFT. And similarly, a metaverse-focused company or individual can offer branded items along with any other items that engage fans or provide special perks to backers or owners of the project on the blockchain.

From digital fashion to gaming assets and more, the physical counterparts of digital items in the metaverse can be offered in your eCom store. We suggest using POD products for efficiency over custom manufactured items when applicable. 

Fans, members, collectors or owners can buy physical items even if they are not owners of any big or tiny cryptocurrency assets that live on the blockchain itself. But those who visit virtual worlds in the metaverse or even on their computer without a headset will be excited to have the options to own physical versions of digital items.

Consider accessories like handbags, clothes, shoes, hats, wall prints, and so on that you might find an avatar wearing or interacting with in the metaverse.

GrooveKart can offer metaverse and NFT brands the best of both the virtual and real world.

GrooveKart vs Shopify

Shopify has been the big player for eCommerce stores for a while. The GrooveKart platform offers such a range of services and features at an affordable price that it may surpass Shopify at some point. We’ll see. 

GrooveKart even includes over 20 built-in apps (and more coming) that you pay EXTRA at Shopify for:

List of the native apps that come free in GrooveKart. actually guarantees that you will get better sales, conversions, and satisfaction with GrooveKart over Shopify or your money back for any paid tier use of the platform. You can learn a lot more about GrooveKart here from their page.

Can Shopify users easily switch to GrooveKart?

Yes, if you already use Shopify and wish to move your operation to GrooveKart, the Groove folks made switching easy. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can import all of your products, images, history and customer data. No other platform allows you to move so seamlessly.

GrooveKart is definitely worth checking out.

GrooveSell – Shopping cart and affiliate management platform

GrooveSell is a full-featured shopping cart, sales and affiliate management platform, and it is free!

Shopping cart software provides and optimizes checkout pages for higher conversions, and connects to a payment processor to manage transactions. It’s a web-based checkout software that gives you proven templates with one-click upsells and other capabilities designed to maximize the average cart value. 

GrooveSell allows you to offer custom pricing structures like free trials, one-time payment, recurring payment, installments, recurring installments, etc. The platform accommodates multiple currencies. You can also do plenty of custom things like use your own brand colors on order forms and pages. 

If you plan to sell digital products, then GrooveSell is one of the top platforms for this. It is on par with ThriveCart, SamCart, and other shopping cart platforms that you would have to pay for separately if you didn’t have access to GrooveSell.

The platform includes everything you will need to take care of the sales part of your business like 1-click upsells, reporting and analytics, viral marketing tools, custom checkout and order forms with different price points and layouts, and more. 

Image of GrooveSell analytics dashboard with stats.

You can also create your own affiliate programs for the products you offer. Creating your own affiliate program enables you to have other people out there promoting your products or services which helps broaden your reach in the marketplace. You can also allow your affiliates to choose their own username and passwords.

Ways to use a shopping cart & affiliate platform: 

  • Access back-end analytics
  • Upsell digital products
  • Insert the price and type of payment for the product you’re selling 
  • Connect to payment gateways
  • Embed widgets
  • Link your sales page and thank-you pages
  • Set up product fulfillment
  • Start an affiliate program to maximize your reach
  • Display social proof for higher conversions
  • Create upsells, OTOs, downsells and order bumps 

Individuals and companies in the cryptocurrency space and non-crypto sector can leverage the feature-rich GrooveSell software to start taking payments or scale their operation with all the tools provided.

GrooveSell is quite a powerful platform and is capable of doing unique things that one would otherwise need custom-coded by a developer. We recommend seeing what it can do for your business.

GrooveMember – membership site & content management platform for courses

You can use GrooveMember as your CMS to offer content in a members-only area. This tool allows you to create and manage membership sites with various tiers and payment plans. This software is similar to well known membership sites Thinkific, Kajabi, and Teachable. 

Image of a few layouts of how a course on GrooveMember looks on screen.

Without software, it will be too laborious to manually handle member sign ups, collect payments, sell related products, and manage events. GrooveMember allows you to automate and drip content over time with an easy-to-use page builder. The platform allows you to publish standard file formats like pdf, mp3, png, jpg, and also host videos. 

Ways to use a membership area: 

  • Tutorials and training templates
  • Virtual events
  • Webinar replays
  • Online course modules 
  • Members-only forums 
  • Host evergreen content 
  • Podcasting

Crypto-specific uses for a membership site

Cryptocurrency companies could also use this membership platform to host free or paid audio or video information, special token holder exclusive content, tutorials for how to do certain things with your specific technology, education, etc. 

Any individual or organization can use a content membership platform for a variety of useful things to educate or share information with a specific community. 

GrooveMember allows you to control the standard things one would expect out of a membership platform like different levels of access for different members, a course portal for logging in, offer different tiers of access at different prices, time-released unlocking of content modules, and so on. 

GrooveMember is also mobile responsive so members can consume content on the go or away from a desktop or laptop.

GrooveMail – email autoresponder and CRM 

Email marketing and list building is an essential touchpoint with new prospects. And that along with building and owning your own list are the reasons why email list building is said to be a cornerstone of any online business. 

GrooveMail offers the typical abilities you’d expect to find in a robust email autoresponder platform. 

Image of stats portal inside GrooveMail reporting area example scenario.

You can manage lists, monitor leads and block specific contacts, send broadcasts to users, create marketing automations of “if and then” rules, and more. You will be able to track email campaigns and sequences using this platform. Analytics will show metrics that provide insights into the performance of your campaigns and conversions.

GrooveMail seamlessly integrates with other Groove apps like GroovePages and GrooveKart to streamline email campaigns or newsletters and save time. It gives you the ability to assign tags to subscribers, automate campaigns, do text and voice broadcasting, and other typical email service provider features. It also integrates with other major email platforms. 

Ways to use an email autoresponder: 

  • Deliver digital products
  • Newsletters
  • Product onboarding series 
  • Registration confirmation
  • Renewal or cancellation notifications 
  • Webinar email sequence 
  • Re-engage dormant leads 
  • Loyalty rewards and discounts
  • Sales and special offers
  • Alerts to keep your audience informed
  • A way to ask your audience for feedback 

Ways to use email software for crypto companies

A crypto-centric project can use email in the ways mentioned above in addition to specific things like being able to communicate with fans and holders without relying on Discord or Twitter where you don’t own your following. But having an email list means that you DO own it. This also allows your crowd to avoid the bots and hacks commonly found on social platforms. 

Provide updates on your project, events, promos, timelines, partnerships, alerts when a new blog post is released. Plenty of ways to leverage GrooveMail for your crypto project.

Do note that some email autoresponder services don’t seem to be that fond of cryptocurrency topics, so if you are planning on heavy use I suggest checking with Groove support for any specifics you should be aware of. 

It’s likely all the scams that occur in the crypto sector that make email companies weary. I’m sure your needs won’t be an issue, but we felt it was important and moral to notify you of this. We don’t consider it to be any different than email services generally trying to avoid spam and phishing in every other niche.

Get the entire suite of Groove apps here.

GrooveVideo – video sharing & hosting platform

If your operation has its own servers, video content puts a heavy load on them. Having access to a video hosting platform to share high-quality videos online helps. Whether you have servers or not, these days more and more people prefer consuming content in video format over text. 

It’s important for businesses to utilize at least some video content as part of their operation.

GrooveVideo allows you to optimize videos and turn them into effective lead generation tools. Reach your target audience with the visual appeal of video, and utilize advanced analytics for insights on your audience’s behavior so you know if your videos are engaging or not. 

Image of various GrooveVideo settings that can be applied to videos.

In addition to hosting your videos and embedding them on your pages, you can select your own player skins, controls, and auto play. Customizing the video control player to your own branded colors makes you stand out as a professional.

Ways to leverage videos for business:

  • Engage visitors without having to leave your page 
  • Split testing for content ideas
  • Call-to-action buttons in the videos
  • Customize triggers based on visitor behavior 
  • Video analytics for insights like impressions, unique views, and watch time

Some people will watch a video but won’t read too much text, so having content in video format means you engage more people than you would have otherwise. This is why so many businesses use video hosting platforms. 

Because GrooveVideo comes with the platform, you end up saving money because you won’t have to pay Wistia or Vimeo separately to host your videos. 

GrooveWebinar – automated live & evergreen webinar platform

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to communicate, educate, and sell your products or services. You will see faster conversion times using webinars compared to having only articles on a website. Webinars also allow you to engage directly with attendees to provide a personal experience and answer questions.

GrooveWebinar allows you to host automated evergreen webinars, live webinars and even stream live webinars to social networks like Youtube and Facebook.

Ways to use webinars for increased conversions

The main goal of a webinar is to engage your audience in a format that can skyrocket conversions with a live or crafted pre-recorded presentation. Use webinars for: 

  • Live tutorials or company updates.
  • A meeting where attendees or employees can engage with one another.
  • Creating an ideal environment to sell a product or service.
  • Incentive to sign up for more info when prospects land on a page from your website, ad, or social media. 

GrooveWebinars gives you the typical features any pro marketer or business would expect in webinar software, and is on par with other top webinar platforms. More on the competition in a bit.

Different webinar types:

  1. Use live webinars to enable live interaction with attendees and offer fast-action bonuses for those who enroll in a given timeframe. 
  2. Use automated webinars to repeat a replay of a live broadcast. 
  3. Use automated evergreen webinars so your traffic can learn about your services any time of the day or year.
  4. Live stream webinars so they show up elsewhere than only the webinar platform to gain more exposure.
Example reporting scenarios seen in the backend of GrooveWebinar.

GrooveWebinar features

You get a ton of customization options with this webinar service. Here’s a list of some options:

  • Schedule a live or recorded one-time or recurring webinar
  • Customize your registration page for maximum conversions 
  • In just a few clicks, add confirmation, replay, and upsell pages to craft a complete registration experience
  • Customize the broadcast times for a user’s timezone
  • Keep your webinar top of mind with automated email and SMS notifications with GrooveMail
  • Enable live chats and Q&A, or load automated chats to answer common questions and spark engagement
  • Customize the time the offer drops
  • Edit headlines and images to drive sales
  • Webinar analytics for tracking registrations, attendees, and replays so you know what’s working
  • Make it easy for attendees by displaying available schedules
  • Set up instant watch replays
  • Create a just-in-time option
  • Add multiple webinar presenters
  • Display or hide the number of attendees
  • Create polls
  • Introduce a product to buy at set times during the webinar
  • Share files with attendees
  • Countdown timers to create a sense of urgency

GrooveWebinar integrates with the other Groove apps for maximum efficiency and ease. For example, 

GroovePages allows you to easily integrate your own webinar registration and confirmation pages easily within the page builder.

GrooveWebinars vs EverWebinar and WebinarJam

The main competitors of GrooveWebinars is EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

If you already use WebinarJam but would rather not pay for it then try out GrooveWebinars to see if it works for you, especially because it comes with the entire suite of software apps on the platform. 

Because GrooveWebinar allows you to offer both automated or live webinars, this saves you from having to purchase two separate software subscriptions to run automated and live webinars. And you get the added value of being able to live stream your webinars too!

Of note is that the CEO of, Mike Filsaime, is a co-founder of WebinarJam and EverWebinar. This means he knows a thing or two about webinar software. Mike also does a ton of webinars so he knows what the needs are of anyone looking to leverage webinars for their business. 

GrooveWebinar offers a lot of functionality and options for you to get creative and find the specific workflow or style of presenting in either live or recorded broadcasts. 


GrooveProof – social proof feature

This is Groove’s version of a social proof pop-up. Provely, that little pop-up you often see on a webpage that verifies a purchase has been made by previous customers. Social proof increases conversions so using an app like this is worth considering. 

Example image of the verification banner at bottom of webpage. apps that are coming soon

A small number of apps have not been launched yet. Actually, from our experience with the company, the Groove platform will always see additions and enhancements that make the suite of software better and better over time, so there will likely always be a new thing they choose to develop and roll out when ready. 

Please refer to Groove’s site for any updates on release, or just ask support or in their helpful Facebook group. We will update here accordingly as well when we see these apps released. In the meantime, we wanted to offer a quick run-through of select “coming soon” apps here.

GrooveDesk – for customer support

A help desk is great for any business that works with a lot of customers. GrooveDesk allows you to communicate and help your customers solve their problems or answer their questions related to your products.

GrooveDesk is like Zendesk, and will operate similarly to manage customer conversations and account details. 

GrooveCalendar – booking & scheduling software

GrooveCalendar connects to GrooveMail and allows you to schedule appointments, calls, classes, or sell consultations. Like with every Groove app you will have options for a variety of customizations and settings to find the particular workflow or framework that best suits your schedule and business. 

You can expect the standard features of a booking tool like getting notifications, integration with other apps like GrooveSell to handle payments, meeting reminders, the option to block out certain dates, etc. 

GrooveCalendar replaces the commonly used Calendly app. 

GrooveSurvey – survey & quiz app

Creating a survey for customers is a great way to know their views about a product or a service. This tool allows you to create engaging surveys with multiple choice options to discover how your audience or traffic feels about something. Use this info to make improvements to your products or to identify your service, next product, or content to publish.

GrooveSurvey replaces ResponseSuite, and it will sync with other applicable Groove apps for convenience and added functionality.

GrooveFunnels Mapping – visual funnel page mapping layout tool

Of special interest for us is the ability to visually map a funnel flow pages sequence on the screen for an efficient way to assemble the steps in the funnel flow. This sure beats having to picture it all and noting it or hand-drawing it. 

Example of visual layout of the funnel pages in the flow on a screen.

This software replaces the funnel mapping tool that ClickFunnels calls Funnelytics, which is a costly extra if you use ClickFunnels. 

We love that you get to build awesome looking and functioning funnel pages in GrooveFunnels and will also have the ability to map that flow out visually with the funnel mapping tool that’s coming all for no extra cost when using the Groove platform. customer support

Groove understands the value of their customers, so when you need help you have several options. In addition to a professional help desk with email-based and online chat capabilities, they also have a huge community on Facebook where questions get answered by knowledgeable members or employees. 

Additionally, they offer a megaton of ongoing training and even live Q&A sessions where you can ask any questions you may have.

Their help desk also includes a ton of resources including articles, videos, and frequently asked questions so you can browse through the existing content and search for answers to questions like yours that may already have been asked. 

Why we recommend the Groove platform 

Having a whole suite of crucial apps at our disposal to build and manage however many web properties we want without any extra costs feels really empowering. It opened up lots of possibilities. It’s an advantage that most people won’t have. Not to mention it’s impossible to deny the convenience of having most of the software tools one would need under one login!

Yes there’s a learning curve. That goes with every tool. But one platform is much less to learn than many platforms. And all the apps talk to each other nicely!


Getting a free account should be a no-brainer. No credit card is required. It’s not a trial; it’s just free and that’s that. 

If you wish to explore a paid plan, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you would have a month to try it out. If you don’t think you need the paid version, then get your money back and stick with the free version. You can still upgrade to a monthly plan later if need be so no worries. 

Conclusion is a very sensible choice for many individuals or businesses in the crypto sector or any sector because you get so much value and ability on one modern platform. 

You may or may not need every single one of the apps that Groove offers. It doesn’t matter, you still save money over buying separately even a handful of the software services the platform effectively replaces.

We feel good recommending Groove because of the team behind it and their attention to the important details that matter to marketers and businesses of all types. Are they perfect? Of course not. No company’s software is of course perfect. But one noteworthy thing to point out about is their ongoing commitment to trying to make the platform the best of its kind. 

They also take feedback, suggestions, and feature requests. We’ve observed a consistent roll-out of tweaks and workflow features along with features that matter and are not just useless fluff. 

Whatever software tools you choose to use for your business … just get building!