The Consumable System Review & Honeycomm Platform by Manuel Suarez

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The Consumable System Review

Here’s what you need to know about The Consumable System and whether it’s for you or not.

Tons of people flocked to the crypto market thinking they might see huge returns on their investment. Some did, but most did not. Why did so many people fail though? Because by the time they heard about crypto they missed most of the big early adopter opportunities like Bitcoin. 

While The Consumables System is not in the crypto sector, it definitely looks like a huge early adopter opportunity to get in BEFORE the masses hear about it and saturate the market.

In fact, some Beta students are getting rapid results; some are even making millions within a few months of starting. 

Right now, it’s like being first to sell on Amazon… or buying Bitcoin in 2011.

How We Evaluate Business Opportunities

We believe that business success starts with the right approach that has already been proven to work and is built for any skill or experience level.

And we believe that ONLY people with INTEGRITY should be teaching these strategies and offering a path to join them.

Integrity is important. Not too many money-making opportunities that we hear of make the cut. Too many “shiny object” opportunities come and go each week. 

The Consumable System is different, and was developed by vary reputable humans with mega success of their own.

We consider the following:

  • If the market is huge – is there a ton of demand? 
  • If the competition is too steep – is it possible to succeed?
  • If the team behind the opportunity is reputable and smart and already have a proven track record?
  • If enough instructions and step by step guidance are included? 
  • If there’s customer support in a timely fashion?
  • If specialized knowledge or tech savvy is required – can the average person do it?

Get access to a trillion dollar/year industry that’s now wide open + Bonuses

The Team Behind The Consumable System – Their Great Reputation

Rapid Crush & Manuel Suarez

The team behind The Consumable System opportunity are Rapid Crush and Manuel Suarez. Rapid Crush is led by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos, who both have an excellent reputation and are constantly approached by entrepreneurs wanting to partner with them.

They say no to most simply because they only dedicate their time and team to the best opportunities out there. 

There’s no way that Rapid Crush would ever partner with Manuel Suarez with a 100 foot pole unless he was legit and had a proven track record.

Manuel Suarez created HoneyComm, the well-oiled, battle-tested manufacturing and logistics service behind The Consumable System that shows you how to rank products on top of the Amazon WITHOUT the need for buying inventory, handling shipping and getting stuck with the rest of the barriers that would otherwise make this type of business difficult.

You will be leveraging HoneyComm to take care of all the heavy lifting for you, to help you succeed without all the barriers.

Rapid Crush delivers programs that actually help people make money. Their goal is to give people the best of the best money-making systems that exist. Because we know they have integrity and care about the success of their customers, we feel confidant in recommending The Consumables System.

Rapid Crush and Manuel Suarez partnered up and distilled the whole system down into a guided program that empowers everyday people to finally make enough money to change their life. 

They created a system that lets anyone leverage the massive trillion dollar/year consumables industry with ease. And with proper customer support! 

You get the keys to the highly profitable, trillion dollar/year consumables space… while completely eliminating the usual roadblocks and “gatekeeping” like inventory issues, compliance stuff, not knowing to whom and how to market their products, brand building… everything.

It’s nearly hands off, doesn’t require a lot of time or money, and can be done without dealing with manufacturing, logistics, or overseas private label sellers!

Get access to join them here

Training & Support You Get When You Join

A first mover’s advantage to gather massive wealth before the masses catch on. 

The ability to leverage the world’s biggest ecommerce platform, Amazon, but without having to worry about upfront inventory costs.  

This is not just a course that people consume and then are left all on their own. Instead, the customers get access to the entire machinery – manufacturing, printing, delivery… that makes it a breeze to quickly enter many sub-segments of the market. Think private label on steroids!

The product covers everything your customers need to know – from selecting a product, to setting up a brand, from researching the target market (and the competition) to setting up their Shopify store… plus, using the latest AI to make a lot of these tasks quicker and simpler.

You get 10 detailed video training modules that teach you foundational knowledge all the way to some more advanced tactics in case you want to go big and make millions a year. 

You will gain essential insights into the consumables industry, learn to navigate the HoneyComm software, master the art of building a magnetic brand, be shown how to create effective marketing strategies, establish a high-converting eCommerce website, and delve into both free and paid traffic generation methods.

You get lots of support, vendor resources, and all the know-how required to succeed. You will also be part fo the growing community of like-minded humans following the same strategies and seeing success. 

See Detailed Training and Crucial BONUSES here. 

Even if you’re “technologically challenged”…

… Even if you feel like there’s no end to shiny objects and can’t decide what to focus on…

… Even if you don’t have all that much time to spend right now working on your own business instead of giving away your time to someone else’s…

None of that matters.

This is your chance to get in on an opportunity that, up until now, has been locked for most people due to insane costs, paperwork, and time-to-market issues.

This shouldn’t even be possible but it is. 

They vested over $17 Million dollars just to make this opportunity viable to someone else. 

This will challenge the status quo. 

The Benefits of The Zero Inventory Approach 

HoneyComm Rewiew

Warehousing products is a major headache and can be very expensive.

The Consumable System claims you will get 100% to 400% profit margins on each product sold. This seems like a crazy claim but it is possible due to Honeycomm’s Zero Inventory methods. 

The Honeycomm platform, you can run an e-commerce business without worrying about inventory any more. You don’t buy products upfront, instead, when a customer makes a purchase the product is shipped right from the manufacturer to the customer. 

And NOT having to buy and store products allows you to quickly pivot to selling a different product that suddenly becomes a hot seller without having to buy and store the products first. 

And you never have to worry about the products you ALREADY have bought and stored that are now selling less volume.

You don’t have to worry about any of this with this system. No worries and no headaches required. 

Their approach is a strategy that will make waves in the e-commerce industry when everyone else eventually finds out about it.

This is possibly your biggest business opportunity for many years.

Ordinary people will be building powerful consumables businesses that:

  • Enjoy a steady stream of repeat customers (which are the best type of customers)
  • Solve real problems for their customers with high quality, USA made products (that you don’t have to develop yourself, buy in obscene quantities, or even deliver them!)
  • Allow them to experience some freedom to live life rather than being a slave to the 9-5 job world
  • Work anywhere there’s an internet connection!

You can have success with this opportunity. You just need to take it seriously and treat it like a business and devote some regular time to it. It can be a part time gig for you, but of course the more time you invest and the more focused and committed you are will get you even more results. 

Commitment and focus are what separate successful people with not so successful people. 

To get started, visit their page here.

Pros & Cons of The Consumable System

Consumable System Pros & Cons


  • A business in a box: You get a proven system handed to you, not just a course or random to-do’s. 
  • The training and support: None of the usual obstacles to face when they provide all the know-how and steps you need to succeed.
  • BONUSES: You get a ton of crucial bonuses to help you succeed. See bottom of page here for details.
  • No inventory costs: This is huge. When the need to manage inventory is completely removed, you are not burdened with risky costs, warehousing fees, overstock issues, cash flow, or clunky operations. And you can adjust on the fly to the latest trending product demands.
  • The HoneyComm platform: Leveraging an established platform built specifically for this type of business removes the costs and challenges of building backend infrastructure from scratch.
  • Leverages AI: Using AI software as your assistant is a huge advantage, and shaves off enormous amounts of time completing a large variety of tasks.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Your investment is covered by a 30-day, no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee!


  • You must do the work: Although this is not a negative thing per se, it does take focus and allotting some time to it each week. The potential with this system is great but requires a slot of time.
  • Initial investment: Although the cost to get access to this system is tiny compared to the costs most people face when starting most businesses, it can still be a challenge for some people. 
  • Requires The HoneyComm platform: The system’s reliance on leveraging the HoneyComm platform is a potential drawback. Issues with the platform could disrupt business operations and create headaches for users. 
  • Requires computer time: If you cannot stand sitting in front of a computer for enough time to accomplish tasks, this may not be for you.

Included Video Training Modules

Module 1 – The Consumables Foundation

The vision, the most profitable niches, your barrier-free path to success.

Module 2 – Understanding The HoneyComm Software 

How to get the maximum results from the platform in the shortest possible amount of time.

Module 3 – Creating A Magnetic Brand And Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Discover your profitable passion, find your customers, pricing, and using AI to streamline it all plus more.

Module 4 – The Strategy Of Building A Successful Brand 

Learn the easy path to creating a solid brand that lasts.

Module 5 – Creating A High-Converting, Profitable Consumable Website

You don’t need tech, design or copywriting skills to build a website that looks professional and brings you profits by converting visitors into buyers!

Module 6 – Basic Email and SMS Campaign Setups

Discover the most effective approaches to keeping your customers engaged with your brand.

Module 7 – Integrating Amazon As A Sales Channel

How to ensure that potential customers find your brand and can make purchases plus more.

Module 8 – The Bootstrap Model (The Zero Advertising Route)

How to leverage their powerful tactics to maximize your success.

Module 9 – Paid Traffic Secrets For Accelerated Growth

While not 100% necessary for success, paid traffic can significantly accelerate growth.

Module 10 – Setting Your Brand Up For Long Term Success And Growth

Discover how to take your brand building to the next level – long term viability and ultimately, massive success.

You will be using AI to make all your tasks fast and easy as it does the heavy lifting for you. This stuff used to be cumbersome and take a long time, but now with AI on the scene it’s all streamlined. 

To get more specific details of what’s included in each module AND to see the very generous BONUSES you get when joining visit here.

The Consumable System Bonuses

  1. HoneyComm Software: Access to the “Premier PLUS” version of the software.
  2. Full AI Prompt Library: AI prompt templates to make directing AI a breeze.
  3. SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures): Get the step-by-step system to follow for daily tasks.
  4. The Hive Community: Full access to an exclusive, private community.
  5. The Golden Retriever Method: This is a HUGE conversion boost.
  6. $0 to $100,000,000 Follow Along (Fly On The Wall): Follow along as Manuel Suarez creates his next “100 Million Dollar Consumables Brand!
  7. Bundle Magic (Profit Multiplier): Generate more profits with way less work.

See Bonuses here

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumable System FAQs

How does it work?

They teach you how to find and rank the right product, the customer buys the product… and you don’t have to manufacture it, have it on hand, or ship it. Instead, it’s all taken care of by HoneyComm.

I don’t have business experience – Is this right for me?

The course is designed with beginners in mind. HoneyComm does the heavy lifting for you. You just follow the steps and put in the work.

Is this beginner-friendly? 

Yes, the training provided along with the support you get makes this an easy system to follow for most people that are familiar with the internet and the buy products online. 

I’m new to ecommerce – can I do this?

Yes, the program was designed under the assumption that you have zero knowledge of how the market works.  

Can I lose money? Where is the risk? 

Technically yes – if you don’t do the work or follow instructions. But they want you to succeed because this is how everyone wins, so they will do their best to help you succeed.

How Much Time Will It Take To See Results?

When we consider the success stories of past students, it is no stretch to say this program offers even complete beginner an opportunity to get in on one of the biggest earning potentials of our time.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee? 

Your investment is covered by a 30-day, no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee!

Get access to a trillion dollar/year industry that’s now wide open + Bonuses

Disclaimer: We recommended this opportunity because we know that Rapid Crush’s stuff is exceptional. If you decide at any time to purchase from them, we may be compensated as an affiliate.