Luxury NFT Mansions Trend & Example | Launch by KEYS Token & AAA Game Studios

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Some people say that investing in virtual real estate is a dumb fad. Regardless of personal opinions, blockchain real estate projects are on the rise. When we add up the flexibilities of NFTs, the metaverse, and blockchain, we get expensive mansions in the VR world that provide exclusive access and benefits for things like the up and coming trend of virtual parties in luxury environments.

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Meta Mansions NFT collection

KEYS Token, a startup powering real-estate and luxury-asset transactions on the blockchain, announces the launch of Meta Mansions by KEYS (“Meta Mansions”), a first- of-its-kind residential community of 8,888 virtual NFT luxury mansions built inside the new KEYS Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Today’s private launch will allow whitelisted KEYS Token holders to gain exclusive access to the Meta Mansions NFT mint, with additional benefits to come in the forthcoming KEYS Metaverse.

The Meta Mansions NFT collection was created for the unique mobile-first KEYS Metaverse that is built on Unreal Engine (UE) 5 – the most advanced digital game engine in the world – for an immersive, true-to-life user experience. Those who mint a Meta Mansion will be airdropped a plot of land in the KEYS Metaverse that will become a fully interactive, customizable, and livable environment in high-fidelity VR/AR/3D space. Features include eight unique biomes within the KEYS Metaverse, exclusive skins and texture packs, and more. Users will be able to monetize their mansions as well as gain unique access, benefits, and discounts within the KEYS Metaverse.

“Our design and graphics teams have created stunning, lifelike luxury-home experiences that will impress even the most discerning eye, with the potential for additional customization and personalization, enabling users to create a world that is all their own.”

“Meta Mansions are an extension of users’ identities,” said Noah Kent, Chief Product Officer, KEYS Token. “Our design and graphics teams have created stunning, lifelike luxury-home experiences that will impress even the most discerning eye, with the potential for additional customization and personalization, enabling users to create a world that is all their own.”

Featured mansion highlights and utilities

Meta Mansions are the first NFT to push the needle in regards to utility. Examples will include:

  • Customize your interior – Fully customize the interior of your Meta Mansion in real time with both digital and physically bridged assets such as NFTs, furniture, sculptures, and much more.
  • Join an exclusive community – The Meta Mansions community will include leaders from Fortune 500 companies, celebrities such as Timbaland, professional athletes including the NBA’s Andre Drummond, NHL’s Elias Petterson, best-selling author Peter Voogd, luxury real estate developer Ramtin Ray Nosrati, and other noteworthy influencers, who will be as easy to interact with as a simple knock on their Mansion door, or an invitation to a neighborhood barbeque.
  • Priority access – Meta Mansion holders have VIP access to all events in the KEYS Metaverse, along with unique access to elite members-only events in real life. Additionally, holders will be provided priority access at discounted rates to the Zone 1 Commercial Land Plot sale.
  • Generate passive and active income – The potential for earning both passive and active income within the KEYS Metaverse is limitless. Users can rent Mansions or other assets, host sponsored events, engage in brand partnerships, and more, to generate income.

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Partners involved

“We chose to partner with some of the most influential architects and 3D designers in the world to build Meta Mansions by KEYS, including celebrity architect Kobi Karp, Compass Architects, and Veliz Arquitecto, our lead 3D designer. The combination of bringing experts from both architecture and 3D graphics was essential to bring our vision to life,” said Navjeet Chhina, head of Metaverse development at KEYS and Founder, Genius Ventures Inc. “For the KEYS Metaverse, we chose to use Unreal Engine 5 because developers have access to the source code, which makes it very adaptable to our goals. In order to provide users the highest quality [AAA] and most engaging KEYS Metaverse experience, we’re leveraging Genius Ventures’ team of artists, engineers, and game developers sourced from the world’s top AAA game and Hollywood studios, along with experts in networking and game design that we’ve brought onboard specifically for the KEYS Metaverse project.”

How to mint

To mint a Meta Mansions NFT, people must first hold a minimum of 100 KEYS Tokens. Holding additional KEYS Tokens grants access to the LoyalKey program, a tiered rewards and loyalty program. Users will be able to enhance their Meta Mansions and expand their experience in the KEYS Metaverse through game play, participation in platform governance, and with KEYS Tokens, as additional utilities and assets will be rolled out in the coming KEYS Metaverse.

“Meta Mansions is the genesis of our industry-leading mobile-first KEYS Metaverse, bringing accessibility to all,” said Nima Ghassemi, Chief Executive Officer, KEYS Token. “One of the most exciting features of Meta Mansions is its ability to bring people together in a way that they never have been able to in Web2. Building on Web3 has allowed us to create new mediums that foster deep connections. We’ve watched as the community has already grown pre-mint with investment from Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, real-estate moguls, and more. This unprecedented level of connection, combined with limitless active and passive-income generation capabilities, positions Meta Mansions to be a real game changer for blockchain and Web3.”

The initial KEYCardV1 NFT sold out in 32 seconds with only 118 units available. KEYS Token’s Meta Mansions collection of 8,888 NFTs will be minting today, with first, second, and third-round whitelist KEYS Token holders granted access to purchase at 10 am PDT, 2 pm PDT, and 5 pm PDT. A public mint will be held on March 19 for any remaining Meta Mansions.

The KEYS Metaverse platform launch and availability will be announced soon. KEYS Token has also announced a giveaway of 888 Ethereum, which will be awarded 18 days after the sellout of the Meta Mansions pool. One person will be given 800 ETH, and 11 others will win 8 ETH each. Winners will be selected via a live stream exclusive to Meta Mansions holders after mint.

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