Dan Hollings The Plan Rocks – Honest Review by Real User of Automated Crypto Trading Bot Course

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Crypto Bot Course Review

Highlights in this article:

  • The crypto “gurus” that scam people
  • Key things to know about The Plan
  • Why I bought The Plan
  • The team behind The Plan
  • Is Dan Hollings a good teacher?
  • Automated crypto trading bot FAQs
  • Pros & Cons of The Plan
  • My BONUSES that fill in what’s missing in The Plan

Is The Plan by Dan Hollings worth it?

If you’ve kicked yourself for not getting involved in cryptocurrency earlier, watching Bitcoin go from 30 dollars in 2011 to 1100 dollars in 2013…

Then to 45,000 in the last year alone…well…join the club, right? 

The cryptocurrency market has proven to be very lucrative for many investors and traders. But investing without knowledge could quickly lead to disaster in this volatile market. 

If you are interested in passive crypto investing strategies that are: 

  • good for both short and long-term investing
  • don’t want to spend hours researching each coin and market trend
  • don’t want to endure the crazy emotional swings that most investors do

And are specifically focused on being as safe as possible, then The Plan by Dan Hollings might be just right for you.

Most people buy what they believe will be profitable coins and then sit back and hold them for a long time hoping they go up in value. This is an okay idea but that means the money is gone and just sitting there during the long wait period. Others jump into the very high-risk game of quickly buying and selling crypto—they become day traders. A third group of people prefer crypto investing methods that focus on holding for the long term while also making small profits along the way.

Everyone and their brother wants in on crypto, yet most don’t even know what they’re buying or how to get an edge. After several years of testing and perfecting, The Plan was specifically designed to teach people how to start trading in a safe and efficient manner, one that generates some profits immediately.

I joined The Plan myself last year after watching the very thorough webinar. But before I joined, when I heard Dan say, “This crypto-trading AI generates you passive income even when the market crashes,” I almost laughed out loud. Yeah right! That sounded too good to be true.

But then I saw the proof.

Dan tested more than 10,000 different trading bot attempts/combinations over three years, risking 3.1 million dollars of his own money, tweaking and perfecting his crypto trading methodology. And when I saw how much he was consistently making now, I enrolled in the program.

If you haven’t yet seen how Dan’s 16,000+ students are making passive income with crypto, you can see it here.

You’re reading these words because I am very confident in recommending this course to my readers. There’s so many junky crypto courses out there taught by people without proper experience. I have no interest in them, and definitely wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. 

By the way, the disclaimer: Nothing in this review or on this site should be construed as financial advice, investment advice, or trading advice. Investing in crypto has risks, and you could lose money, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Consult a certified financial planner before making any investment decisions. 

Speaking of investing decisions, that brings me to a topic that makes me angry: the crypto gurus

The crypto “gurus” that scam people

I’m angry becausethere are plenty of self-proclaimed “gurus” peddling dangerous crypto ideas and advice. And they are willing to take advantage of newbies. This I intensely disagree with in every ounce of my being. They’ll show you things like a simple chart with a couple of moving averages and tell you what the market is going to do. This is nonsense. There is a LOT more to the market than a few indicators, and most of these gurus don’t know what to do when things aren’t working in their favor. People’s lives have been ruined because they followed the advice of these gurus who don’t understand the nuances of crypto and how to guide others safely. 

The safety part is huge. Proper understanding and the right mindset are crucial to being safe and successful when investing in crypto. And there are tons of scams out there. Having bulletproof common sense and proper knowledge is required when getting involved with crypto.


Too many people check out a new coin with some fancy or interesting name, often a meme coin, and decide that the logo and name look cool and that there’s a little buzz around it. And that’s all it takes for them to throw their money at it. 

However, a professional investor considers if a coin’s project will do something useful, like revolutionize transaction approval protocols on the blockchain, music royalties tracking, or supply chain and logistics monitoring, for example.

The former is foolish, and the latter is sensible. 

Dan Hollings is definitely legit

As soon as I started going through Dan’s training in The Plan, I clearly saw that Dan is the sensible type. For example, Dan understands that coins are not just some random currency with people behind them. He knows that a coin project represents a company that is trying to bring some useful technology and service to market. Having a guide that understands important things like this is crucial in order to be successful with crypto. Otherwise, one is just gambling.

Dan developed The Plan after spending years learning & perfecting a variety of cryptocurrency strategies. One of the most famous is his “wiggle method.” You can read up on it by clicking here.

Dan Hollings’ wiggle method has made over 3 million in passive net income over the last 3 years. His method is working right NOW in 2022 and is being used by over 16,000 students in 130 countries.

Going through The Plan cemented some great concepts in my mind:

  • Crypto is speculative, so we don’t know which coin projects will shoot up and be the winners over time, so instead of hoping to pick the best one, I can put money into several potential candidates, and if one shoots up then I already have some of it. 
  • Imagine seeing the trading graph go down and feeling relaxed because I know this is a good thing. The volatility is what I WANT to happen. I can stay calm while seeing my bot activity go in the red zone…this is what The Plan offers.

Many people are not doing crypto yet but will be in time. The Plan is one of the best methods I’ve seen to be able to get into what I think is the safest way to invest in crypto to experience both short and long-term gains as wealth grows over time. 

Key things to know about The Plan

  • The Plan is NOT a get rich quick thing, and they don’t make it seem like it is. 
  • The Plan is NOT a glorified tutorial on how to run a bot. (You can read more about bots lower down in this article)
  • The Plan is not a random crypto course focused on only one strategy, it’s a complete crypto investment strategy—an entire plan that focuses on making money immediately along with holding specific coins over time so you can experience 10% to 20% returns. (Not a typo)
  • It works without ANY trading skills, experience, and very little time.
  • Works even when the market is down.
  • The entire process is automated, so once you’ve set it up, you can just sit back and watch your balance grow.
  • The Plan isn’t just about bots either, it’s a whole program (a plan) that gets you making money off the daily volatility while allocating some of the bot profits into long term diverse holdings that compound profits over time. Or you can pocket the bot profits. Or do some of both. 
  • And it DOESN’T involve “buying low & selling high.”  
  • Customers of The Plan don’t guess if a cryptocurrency coin will go up or down. They hope it goes up and down. A lot. Because that’s when they make the most money. 
  • You start with the important foundational training, then set up your bot automations, and then you “DO NOTHING” as the bots do their work. 
  • In order to get access to Dan’s proprietary education and bot settings, you will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You are not allowed to share the strategies with anyone except those who live in your household. 

Why I bought The Plan

I wanted to get into crypto but in a sensible way. And not be dumb and take unnecessary risks driven by emotions. I didn’t want to just throw money at stuff and hope it works. 

The Plan was built around a LOT of tested data…not theory. That appealed to me because I’m not a “wing it and hope for the best” type of person when it comes to money. I think The Plan is one of the best things going around in the crypto space. And I know some people that were already making money with it. 

Is Dan the god of crypto investing and the only one who knows how to do it sensibly? Of course not. But he’s been testing his methods for years, has lost tons of his own money in the process, and then finally found what works. He demonstrated that and explained it all clearly.

My time is important. I didn’t want to waste it by:

  • Getting caught up in searching for proper crypto educators with integrity who actually know what they are doing.
  • Watching endless videos trying to sort through who was legit and who was just trying to get me to buy something that would only benefit them. 
  • Trying to find someone capable of clearly educating me on the specific nuances of the crypto sector so I felt crystal clear on what to do.
  • And I didn’t want to worry all the time hoping that I chose the right coins, what to do with them, when, how, and where.

I have better things to do than endless internet and social media browsing in search for the hack that might result in me getting rich in a week. Many crypto enthusiasts and investors are busy with all the buzz and endless chatter. The chatter is interesting, and I’m not judging all of it negatively, but when it comes to how I spend my time and manage my money, I don’t want to get caught up in the hype. I’d rather take the steady, safer, and more successful path to crypto wealth. And have a life while doing so. 

The Plan’s “Do Nothing” approach is very appealing to me. 

The team behind The Plan

The company Dan teamed up with to build The Plan and its ongoing full-time support is top notch. Rapid Crush is their name. They have an excellent reputation and are constantly approached by course creators wanting to partner with them. They say no to most simply because they only dedicate their time and team to the best products out there. There’s no way that Rapid Crush would ever touch Dan with a 100 foot pole unless he was legit and had a proven track record. Rapid Crush delivers things that actually help people rather than only things to make money. Their goal is to give people the best of the best. Because I knew this about them, joining The Plan was a no-brainer for me. 

Is Dan Hollings a good teacher?

I feel comfortable with Dan as a guide for many reasons:

His demeanor

Dan is calm and clear and easy to understand, explaining things in a simple way thus reducing the obvious complexity of investing in crypto. Some educators are confusing and go off on different tangents and lack organization. Or perhaps they know the concept really well in their mind, but do a poor job explaining it.

Dan is very clear and organized. This is especially important when dealing with your money; you don’t want to be confused. He isn’t an emotionally driven person trying to teach others how to invest. 

His focus on safety

Dan stresses safety, showing you how to set things up for maximum security: bots, wallets, computer and mobile devices, crypto exchanges, etc.

He insists that you first start off in DEMO mode without using real money. He stresses to NOT take risks that you can’t afford to lose, and to only use real money when you are ready. And then to use the approach of slowly scaling your investment up over time by adding more bots as profits come in to fund the whole endeavor if you currently lack substantial funds to diversify right away beyond the bots. Actually, you don’t have to start with the bots at all because The Plan offers more than just bot strategies (see the webinar for those details).

His mindset

Dan covers a proper mindset approach, such as: 

  • Not jumping from technique to technique, not coin hopping on a whim when someone on YouTube says that you will be rich by tomorrow night if you get this coin or NFT right now. 
  • He teaches you to be like the tortoise and not the hare. The former won the race, the latter goes off following YT videos or meme NFTs which will likely make you broke.
  • He helps you relax and not be all emotional about what the software is doing. You don’t need to figure out all the little details that don’t matter because it’s a waste of time.  

His approach

Doing The Plan is about NOT being a slave to crypto, staring at charts, or going crazy in the brain. It’s about making smart investments and then living life while money comes in. There’s no need to rearrange your life around a crypto strategy. That wouldn’t make much sense.

That would also go against his “Do Nothing” methodology. Learn it, set it up, then “do nothing” except light monitoring here and there. That’s the way to do crypto in my opinion.

The idea is to forget about rare moonshots, don’t worry about dips, and know that you make money throughout as the bots wiggle. The bigger idea is to just live life without all the horrid emotions most people endure when investing in crypto, and to just relax and not have your time wasted frantically watching charts all day and then worrying all night while you try to sleep. 

When learning from Dan I feel calm and confident, and like there’s a solid plan to follow, which is the point of The Plan, no pun intended 😉

Reckless confused investing is stressful and usually leads to loss, not gain. 

The Plan is about making steady money along the way as you eventually get yourself in a position to acquire and hold as much high value currency as possible over time. And with minimal effort and maximum security. This is why I like and suggest The Plan to others who want to get into crypto or want to try a different method.

Whether you want to get into crypto right now or up your current game in crypto, or even if you wish to get into crypto at some point in the future, I think it’s worthwhile for you to check out The Plan webinar just to know what it’s all about if you haven’t already done so. 

If you haven’t yet seen the webinar, I invite you to click below to see how Dan’s 16,000+ students are generating passive income with crypto from his proprietary “wiggle method” that makes money off the volatility of the market.

Learn more about Dan’s methods on the webinar

Let’s focus on automated crypto trading bots for a moment since they are a foundation of Phase 1 of The Plan.

Automated crypto trading bot FAQs

Can you automate crypto trading? 

Yes, this is the exact reason why one would consider using an automated trading bot. However, using bots incorrectly without credible knowledge of the software or the markets could lead to terrible losses if you’re not careful. 

Are trading bots good for crypto?

Trading bots can be great for buying and selling cryptocurrencies because once set up correctly they take care of buying and selling at the right time so that you can be free to live life instead of watching charts all day and night. But the right (and tested) strategy is required or bots will lose your money. Human skill is always required. The bots just automate much of the work. 

Do automated trading bots actually work?

Yes, trading bots definitely work. In fact, because they are software that follows specific instructions and algorithms, they can only do what they’ve been programmed to do. They cannot make a wrong decision. That being said, one must know how to use them and know what setting to apply. This is where the magic lies. When set up correctly, they deliver consistent positive results. Careful use is suggested. Start in demo mode to avoid risks. 

Are cryptocurrency bots good for beginners?

Trading bots are definitely worth considering for beginners because, once they’ve been set up correctly, they remove the guesswork and take the worry out of analyzing charts and emotional reactions to hype and news that can inspire dangerous trading mistakes by unskilled humans. Software can only do as it has been told, so it is not capable of being influenced by emotions and making bad decisions in emotional states. Beginners are likely the most vulnerable to emotions controlling them. 

What crypto trading bot is best?

The correct strategies based on testing is what makes a bot work well for making money. It’s the education on how to use the software that makes the difference, not the specific tool itself. There is no magic bot company that just makes money without proper strategy. So the “best” bot software is the one that is used to do specific strategies that qualified humans have perfected. Dan uses Bitsgap. He has tried several of the different bot tools and prefers this one for his methods. 

Are automated trading bots worth it?

If you are one who would rather let automated software do the tedious calculations and work of making money for you, then yes, bots are a great choice. Otherwise, your time will be spent managing your assets instead of living life. Dan teaches the bot setting “sweet spot” to maximize your chance of getting the most wiggle profits out of your bots. 

Are crypto trading bots profitable & reliable?

The software automates the trading process, making intelligent and profitable decisions for you. It buys and sells at the programmed times based on the settings that you apply. The software makes hundreds of small transactions per day, sometimes per minute. The small daily profits can add up quickly is the right settings are applied. 

The software cannot lose money in the typical sense; it can only buy low and sell high at the opportune times. That doesn’t mean there’s no risk, and that doesn’t mean that you are free or danger, it just means the design of the code is such that it is set to only do certain things at certain times. Bots just carry out specific instructions you give them, no more and no less. 

Trading bots buy and sell small increments of crypto in an automated fashion. So they make you money and they also spend your money at the opportune time so that you are well-positioned to make more money as the price of the asset hopefully increases.

When following The Plan, you take advantage of Dan’s exact rule-based strategies and settings to automate your earnings. The key however, is knowing the right parameters for setting up your grid trading. Dan hands you his personal bot settings that have helped him make millions from automated grid trading. 

Advantages of crypto trading bots

Bots have several advantages. Bots remove human emotions from the playing field. Bots don’t make reckless buying decisions (unless you set them up to do so). Bots don’t care about online hype or the latest tweets by billionaires or industry personalities. Bots save considerable time; they do the work so humans can do life. Bots can produce passive income because they operate 24/7 until paused. 

Crypto trading bot disadvantages

Bot software platforms come with monthly or annual fees. For bots to be worthwhile for use and to be profitable, they need proper settings and knowledge. They require internet access to set up and monitor. The monitoring part is minimal though once set up and running. 

Another disadvantage of trading bots is when people assume they just make easy money without skill once turned on, therefor bots can be luring to those who want to invest but don’t want to bother learning how to do so in a smart way. No, that’s not the bot’s fault, but it is a disadvantage of trading bots existing in the world. No crypto strategy should be used on a whim. Only skilled and educated humans should be using trading methods of any type when it comes to real money. An experienced guide can certainly lead someone to success, but there will always be an element of risk and potential financial loss.

Click Here To Join The Plan And Get My Exclusive Bonuses! 

If you’re already sold on The Plan and just looking for some additional Expert-Level Bonus trainings to help you maximize success and minimize any loss, check out my full bonus review article for all the details along with how to claim your bonus.

Pros and Cons of The Plan


There are six workshops in this course which cover everything from the basics of cryptocurrency trading to how to automate your investments. 

The “Do Nothing” approach of the program has obvious benefits. Live life instead of fretting over charts and such all day!


Those behind The Plan are ethical and it shows. They seem very transparent and let you know where there’s risks, and they don’t pretend The Plan is a magic “get-rich 20 minutes after you sign up” program like some marketers do. They aren’t into tricking people because this isn’t moral, and even if they did want to fool people, it would end up working against them anyway. They have a solid reputation to uphold. 

Dan said their goal with The Plan is to provide a great service that’s never been done in the crypto space before. High quality, safe, results-oriented training and support is their approach. They approach The Plan as an integrated investing strategy and are dedicated to making it the best they can. The Plan has gone through several rounds of beta testing, has been refined, streamlined, and is a solid comprehensive program with ongoing support. 

The Plan’s robust support

Their support is great and responds quickly. They have over 50 support people. They have a whole team dedicated to The Plan so that customers get their questions answered. The course also includes access to ongoing support from Dan Hollings himself, which is reassuring considering he has over a decade of experience in trading crypto. 

This is what they have to say about support: 

“Not only do we respond quickly (average response time is less than one hour)… our team answers satisfactorily. We average 98% satisfaction ratings from our customers.

We will ruin you when it comes to support expectations of other businesses, because we are that much a cut above.”

When I’ve contacted them, their response times have been quick, and the answers they provided have ranged from satisfactory to great and were always polite. 

Passive Income

It is impossible to achieve lifestyle freedom without money working for you, and with the introduction of automated money-making software in the crypto market, people are now able to generate passive income in much easier ways, and The Plan helps you do that. 

Great for both short and long-term gains 

The Plan was specifically designed to help people learn how to trade cryptocurrencies without all the stress and fear normally associated with investing in a volatile market. The Plan helps you generate profits right away while also setting you up for long term gains. Dan has discovered ways of allocating some assets that generate high returns just by sitting there. For example, putting money into certain stable coins and seeing 18% or higher returns, a stark contrast to the paltry returns (penny dust) that traditional banks give you. And 18% is far better than the 12% returns you might get in the stock market IF you’re one of the lucky few.


As mentioned above, Dan and the team focus on doing things in the safest ways possible. 

What about crypto exchanges?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to compare one exchange to the next, because you probably haven’t had the opportunity (or luxury) to battle-test different exchanges… and wade through the fine print, and demystify their fee structures, and more. Dan and Rapid Crush have zero financial incentive and aren’t beholden to any one exchange, so they give you the straight scoop on the ins-and-outs, along with pros and cons of each exchange.

You get very thorough resources on exchanges.


Work and focus is required

Doing The Plan does require work. This is not a heavy program that will take forever to learn and implement, but it does require you to show up and pay attention to the live or recorded trainings. Your money will be invested when you are ready, so you need to use caution and take this seriously without distractions when learning. This may sound obvious but we do live in a very easily distractible world these days where people do 6 things at once on their computer while supposedly “learning” important things. Paying attention is not a con per se, but it’s something to consider for those who have trouble paying attention and grasping critical concepts and techniques. 

The Plan’s “Do Nothing” approach only comes AFTER you learn and set everything up. There’s not much to do once it is up and running, but requires focus and caution in order to arrive there.

You can lose money

You can lose some or all of your money. No crypto course or method is fail-proof, including The Plan. The Plan has built in training and settings to drastically minimize loss, but the possibility of losing money still exists. In fact, you will lose little bits of money here and there. It is assumed that the bots will lose some money here and there. 

And just because bots are involved does not prevent losses incurred by human errors. The strategies Dan has discovered from his thousands of tests will minimize any drastic losses, but risks will always be part of the game. Also, if the entire crypto market crashes and implodes or just crashes for a very long time in an unprecedented way, then no bot, program, or strategy can keep everyone from experiencing financial loss. 

Requires investment capital

This won’t work if you have no money to invest. If this is you then I’d say check out the webinar just to see what it’s all about and decide if you want to join The Plan in the future when you are ready to invest money. In order to get the most profits and to take advantage of other opportunities that Dan covers in the training, Dan recommends putting $3000 minimum into each bot pair. If you have $6000 to invest, then you can run 2 bot pairs. He clearly explains all of this. 

Not a get rich quick approach

The Plan is not designed to make tons of money quickly for most people. If you have a lot of money to invest, then you have the potential for greater earnings sooner like one would expect when doing most types of investments, but most people will start with less money and will therefore only see smaller profits when they first start. The Plan is a great overall strategy but is unlikely to bring you one of those huge wins you hear about in the news.

My Crucial Bonuses that fill in the missing gaps in The Plan

The Plan is great but not fail proof. If you’re serious about having success with The Plan, MAKE SURE you see the Bonuses Here that I’m offering that will help cover the gaps with The Plan. These bonuses are specifically tailored to The Plan and designed to increase your success and revenue from The Plan now and in the future.

To get the low-down on my bonuses, and for a deeper look into the missing gaps in Dan Hollings’ course, I created an entire page with all you need to know. I want you to have success with The Plan and to minimize risks as much as possible.

So, is The Plan worth it? 

I say yes it is for anyone that’s interested in entering the crypto market who is patient and open to a guide that will lead them through the fun but serious endeavor of investing in cryptocurrencies in probably the safest way possible. If you are serious, are open to learning and have some time to commit to doing this right, then I think The Plan is a good choice. At the very least I encourage you to check out the webinar to see what it’s all about.

I hope you found my review of The Plan helpful. As I mentioned earlier, I bought The Plan myself, and because I’ve had the experience of going through the course and learning from Dan, I am fully confident in endorsing his course. If you wish to join The Plan through my link, I may receive a commission (at NO additional charge to you, of course), but it really helps me run this site and create more useful content to help people learn about sensible products or services. Thank you for your support and I stand by the products I promote.

I wish you luck in your crypto journey, as an enthusiast or as an investor. Stay safe. And if you do The Plan, maybe I’ll “see you on the inside.” 🙂 

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