Does an NFT Have to Be Digital Art? | Hiking & Camping in The Metaverse Example

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Ever wondered what you can do in the metaverse? How about camping or hiking in a virtual world? Well thanks to the National Parks NFT drop paving the way to the first ever outdoor NFT community, now you can. I wonder if any virtual bears will pose a threat? Better not leave your virtual fish on the table overnight.

NFT Camping & Hiking

National Parks NFT virtual camping & hiking

Many NFTs focus on JPEG profile pictures or other digital Art & Collectibles. Enterprise use cases for NFT technology are also on the rise. Meanwhile, one project has been doing things a little differently. National Parks NFT sold out their 4.8K collection in 7 minutes back in January as club membership for national park superfans. One collector decided to go all-in, buying an NFT for each of the 63 national parks – investing over $30,000 for this achievement. He is recognized in the projects Hall of Fame and was awarded with the rarest NFT in the collection.

The National Parks NFT team quickly organized a Twitter Spaces event to interview the collector who goes by the nickname “AKL”. “The National Parks NFT artwork show the unique features of the National Parks. It has become a way for me to connect with family and nature. We pick a National Park from the collection and plan a family trip to visit.” Aside from the emotional attachment, AKL was asked how this project stands out from other NFT projects he sees. “The project has a clear roadmap, the founders have experience, and the community of members is awesome and fun to interact with,” said AKL.

AKL is not the only person passionate about collecting multiple park NFTs. Founder Mick Gow says, “There are 3 collectors not far behind him, and 15 people in the community with 20 or more parks. So many people have an emotional attachment to experiences they’ve had visiting national parks. Owning a digital asset that you can attach those memories to is unique.”

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Outdoor NFT community events beyond art

National Parks NFT is aiming to bridge the gap between the natural world and the metaverse. It is launching a rewards program where members earn points for attending both metaverse and real-world meetups, hikes, or camping trips. The points can be exchanged for gear, merchandise and even experiences in their online store. They also host some games where people can earn points for sharing photos of their NFTs in national parks. The metaverse play includes treasure hunts and artist exhibits where photographers from the community showcase their NFT and artwork on the metaverse platform

Aside from the digital aspects, has donated over $70,000 to groups like the National Park Foundation, and have some volunteer days coming up including one organized with Sequoia National Park, where members will work with rangers to help clean and maintain the park. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for NFT projects and a nature-based metaverse experience, this is the first of its kind.

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